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SEO Consulting

While other SEO firms may deliver lots of pretty documents, Paradise Modern is committed to delivering a clear ROI. Receive full consulting services with a focus on generating sustainable gains in traffic and revenue.

Links from other websites are like votes. Get enough of the right links from the right websites and search engines like Google will treat you well. The quality of the links that point back to your site are the difference between getting love from search engines and getting ignored. Paradise Modern has the skill sets required to build links right the first time, so your site will get the necessary votes and you can kick back and watch your ranking and traffic soar.

Keyword Optimization

SEO results are not just based on word quantity, but the quality of what is being said. Paradise Modern realizes that the keyword and key-phrase selection process is the core of any successful online marketing strategy. Whether you have a list of keywords you want to target, or want us to do the dirty work, our efforts will result in higher search engine rankings for your site.

Micro Site Creation

Paradise Modern's exclusive microsite building technology can make the microsite deployment process fast, furious and right on point. For three years, we have used our exclusive "Build Many Sites" technology to disperse static microsites for our SEO clients. Only Paradise Modern has the mechanics to streamline the process to add new sites, indicate the host site, choose a template, find appropriate keywords and then quickly publish the relevant articles.

Landing Page Optimization

Savvy consumers hate being misled by a bad keyword and landing page combo, stressing the point that landing page optimization an essential part of the customer conversion process. Testing and optimizing landing pages can dramatically increase conversions and revenue and turn your SEO traffic into gold.

Content Development

Every site has a story and our skilled copywriters want to tell your tale. We are experts at producing brand-appropriate copy, flush with relevant keywords and valuable link bait. Our copywriters know to use varietal combos of keywords to generate engaging copy, perfectly constructed to increase traffic to your site.

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We have now worked with Paradise Modern for about one year. They have done a great job of providing us traffic through the various models they use. When we compare them to our other recourses for internet traffic, for cost and numbers, Paradise Modern comes out the winner."

- Pete Ellis, CEO, Spa Finder